Optimally combined – our products

As a full-service-provider for customers in precision photonics, motion control, image processing and sensor technology we take care of all important steps along the way – from receiving orders to the successful shipment of our products. Furthermore, we have our own service department handling repairs and thanks to our impressive laser laboratory we can also use the respective technologies. We coordinate all necessary processes in the fields of photonics, vision and precision motion:



We develop innovative lasers and laser beam steering components and subsystems that deliver extreme precision, high performance and reliability. These solutions are tailored to our customers’ demanding industrial and medical applications. Our businesses include ARGES, Cambridge Technology, Laser Quantum and Synrad.


Our focus is helping our medical customers enhance system performance and improve patient outcomes. Through our JADAK business, we develop embedded detection and analysis solutions such as machine vision cameras, RFID readers, barcode readers, printers and color and light measurement products and services. Through our NDS business, we design and manufacture medical visualization, video processing and wireless imaging solutions for minimally invasive surgical and endoscopy procedures.

Precision Motion

Our encoders, motors, servo drives, air bearing spindles and mechatronic subsystems enable engineers to solve complex precision motion challenges in robotics and automation. Our primary business is Celera Motion.

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